Friday, March 28, 2014

I haven't post a look in a while due to school and other life obligations.  I was so busy preparing for the International Culture and Food Festival here at the University of Montana. I performed at the  festival and It was an amazing experience.
 Anyway ,, let's talk about fashion ,,

On sunday Mar 16th 2014 our group , Trendsetters at the U, got together for our spring fashion shoot.   It wasn't that cold . On the other hand , It was sunny and beautiful. hmm ,,  .. Until we got to our location , it started to get really windy and cold ... Ummmm ,, that makes no sense !!! well it is missoula
it's end of March , so I will post my spring outfit regardless...

I love this outfit. The colors go very well together.   leather vest ,, oh man ,,, I'm in LOVE with you..  My pants from Pucsun
Vest: goodwill
Shoes: sears
Shirt: Northstrom rack  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Black and White Classic or Modern 

Black and white 

A lot of people refer to the colors black and white as the classic colors. Some might think they are boring and nothing unique about them. well that might be true, sometime. However, if you choose the right brand to shop from / and the right style ,  black and white will never let you down and you will look so cool.

Start with my favorite H&M shirt that I bought in 2007 from Dubai Mall  Bow ties from Dellers .. since I live in Missoula and I have very limited options  Shoes: UNIF  and thanks for the online shoppingLeather Vest: goodwill  !!! what can I say. You are cheap, affordable , messy  place that have everything



Thursday, December 19, 2013


What it says
Every time I wear this sweater people ask me “ what it says” I have to come up with something clever, because I honestly don’t know what it say’s. I ask my friend who speaks Russian and he said,  “ I really don’t know bro, what’s written makes no sense“.  Black is my favorite color. I love it even more when I matched it with something while.  Someone told me I look snazzy. I never heard the word snazzy before so I thought it is an insult. I got mad and I was ready to fight. Finally I decided to let it go. I use my awesome dictionary to translate this snazzy word later. I was glad I didn’t do anything. It turned out he was complemented me.         
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

 what !!! $180 !!!  umm


I finish the whole thing within  few hrs  :) 

My trip to Portland, OR

I finally went to Solestruck store and I honestly was shocked. Don't take me wrong , It was nice, As matter fact , the store was so fancy.  I always thought their store is so big and they will have lot's of items displayed . Also , I thought there will be lot's of shoppers and weird looking people.. man I didn't see non of that. It was only one hot chick working and that's it's it. 

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