Friday, March 28, 2014

I haven't post a look in a while due to school and other life obligations.  I was so busy preparing for the International Culture and Food Festival here at the University of Montana. I performed at the  festival and It was an amazing experience.
 Anyway ,, let's talk about fashion ,,

On sunday Mar 16th 2014 our group , Trendsetters at the U, got together for our spring fashion shoot.   It wasn't that cold . On the other hand , It was sunny and beautiful. hmm ,,  .. Until we got to our location , it started to get really windy and cold ... Ummmm ,, that makes no sense !!! well it is missoula
it's end of March , so I will post my spring outfit regardless...

I love this outfit. The colors go very well together.   leather vest ,, oh man ,,, I'm in LOVE with you..  My pants from Pucsun
Vest: goodwill
Shoes: sears
Shirt: Northstrom rack  

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