Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Black & Gold Spikes give me supreme confidence

Why black and gold 
I always like the color black. I think the color black looks good in everything such as  clothes , cars  and many other things. 
What I didn't know is when you match it with Gold you will look AWESOME. 
I bought 1977 Trans am black with with gold firebird symbol few months ago and I became obsessed with  black and gold . 

I bought my shirt  from Armani exchange (My favorite store)  and I wanted to add the spikes so I bought spikes online and I did it my self. 
I did the same thing with my shoes. I bought it from a local store during winter break when I was in KSA and I add the spikes to the back only. 

It's honestly not that hard but you might messed up the first time , like me  :) .

I hope you guys like my outfit and soon I will be posting my first Vintage look  :D , I'm excited about it . 


  1. You're right black and gold is truly a match! Love your look. :)

    1. Yeah , they are my favorite colors ....thanks Luigi for the comment .. I appreciated :)