Friday, February 15, 2013

I went home for the winter break. I wasn't feeling good about few things . I had something going on and it plays with my head a lot . Anyway , what I didn't know was, my life was just about to get better  

So, In Seattle Airport while I was trying to check in my luggages , Emirates Airline  employer approached me
Employer :  Excuse me sir , Are you flying to Dubia with us today ? 
Me: Yes , and I can't wait to get there to see my family  :)
Employer: would you like to volunteer your seat today and fly tomorrow 
and we will give you free round trip ticket and Hotel tonight 
Me: Ummm, Free round trip !!! Yeah sure . 
So I styed in the Hilton which I REALL LIKE. 
Next day I show up In Seattle Airport and same employer saw me. 

Employer :  Hi sir , we have upgraded you from economy to business  and here is your free ticket expired in 2013   :) 
Me: wow , thanks 

I got home and my dad surprise me with this nice vintage camera that I have been looking for and my sweet sister surprised me with the BVLGARY watches.  Next day , I check my email and I found out I got the job that I applied for.. 
 Man my winter break couldn't be better  :)  Alhamdullah