Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Black and White Classic or Modern 

Black and white 

A lot of people refer to the colors black and white as the classic colors. Some might think they are boring and nothing unique about them. well that might be true, sometime. However, if you choose the right brand to shop from / and the right style ,  black and white will never let you down and you will look so cool.

Start with my favorite H&M shirt that I bought in 2007 from Dubai Mall  Bow ties from Dellers .. since I live in Missoula and I have very limited options  Shoes: UNIF  and thanks for the online shoppingLeather Vest: goodwill  !!! what can I say. You are cheap, affordable , messy  place that have everything




  1. I really love your posts<3 I just followed you on GFC, of you could follow me back, that would mean a world to me:) Thank you so much for a such an inspirational blog!<3 xx peach

    1. thx so much for your lovely comment .. and yeah for sure :)

  2. great shoes and bow tie! I love a monochrome outfit xx